The old Texas saying goes, "when you make the cover of Texas Monthly you've made it to the top". Guess who is smiling from ear to ear? My friend whom I affectionately address as thee "Ambassador Of West Texas" Mr. Tom Perini. Congratulations Tom you are most deserving and an awesome ambassador of great will for us all.

Tom has always got a smile on his face and if you ask him "why fried chicken of Sundays?" He'll tell you a story that is pert near to factual truth as far as I can tell. While I can't do the story justice I'll try to give you as close to a "Tom Perini story" as possible. It's said that Abilene stole the county seat a great many years ago. And while the controversy still remains it's also said that the deciding county judge that heard the "county seat case", resided in beautiful crime-free downtown Buffalo Gap Texas. The judges neighbors and Buffalo Gap-ians went to the judges house (who was in Abilene at the time) and killed all the judges chickens and commenced to having themselves thee largest fried chicken dinner in the county.

So today, in keeping with tradition Mr. Perini fries chicken every Sunday for "Brunch" as a reminder that "Abilene stole the county seat". I will confess " it is by far the best fried chicken I have ever put in my mouth"..."(second only to my grandmas and my wife's, yep I'm a chicken pardon the pun).

Now if you are planning to attend the Sunday brunch at the Perini Ranch Steakhouse "reservations are required", so call at least 3-4 days ahead 325-573-3464. For holiday Sundays like Easter call weeks ahead.