The Abilene area has been called home to quite a few celebrities - from all walks of life.

The gallery above is full of people from this area who 'made it big'.

Below are even more from our neck of the woods that have become famous.

Ann Wedgeworth

Ann has played in several TV roles. However, I'll always associate her with a show I used to watch called "Threes Company". She was on that show and played this older sexy type lady that always wanted "Jack". If you ever watched the show, you know that she was a regular for a while but then disappeared without a trace. We still had Suzanne Somers though so I wasn't disappointed. It was later in life that I discovered she was like 50 something when she did that show. Ann was born in Abilene in 1935.

Sammy Baugh

Pro football Hall of Famer, Sammy Baugh, was born in Temple Texas in 1914. He played High School football in Sweetwater where he was a standout for the Mustangs. His college days were spent at TCU where he was named All-American in 1935 and 1936. The thing about Baugh, was that he was talented in more than football. In fact, he almost made a career in baseball before hurting his knee sliding into second base and his scholarship was taken back. He later went on to play for the Washington Redskins. Sammy Baugh died in Rotan, Texas on December of 2008 but his name will forever be associated with one of the greatest in pro football, and another from the Abilene area that made it big.

Megan Ewing

Megan was born in Abilene, Texas in 1984 and claims Brady, Texas as her home town. She has been featured in Abercrombie & Fitch as is the Guess jeans girl.

Don 'The Lawman' Slatton

Born in Cisco, Texas 'The Lawman' was actually a cop for 4 years with the Abilene Police Department before turning in a 20 year career in professional wrestling. After wrestling, Don started S.O.S Bail Bonds where he retired in 2007. Sadly, Don passed away in 2013.

This is a list we'll continue to update. So, let us know who we missed, and we'll be sure to add them.

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