I am a Yankee's fan, but mostly, I love Derek Jeter. He has been one of the best representatives to wear the uniform. He's not just a fantastic baseball player, he's a good person, with integrity, heart and kindness for others. This is his last year to play for the Yankees and the world is saying it's goodbye, by tipping their hats to #2.

I have had the chance to see Jeter play, against the Rangers, in Arlington. I only wish I could say I watched him play at Yankee Stadium but I don't see that happening before he bids farewell to the field. Jeter is the second great player to retire from the Yankees organization. He follows last years departure of Mario Rivera.

To me Jeter isn't just a great ballplayer, he's a great humanitarian. He hasn't gotten caught up in steroid use, or fights on the field. He champions kids, holds the team together, walks a straight line and wears the pin stripes with pride and dignity. So it's no wonder the latest commercial, saying goodbye to Jeter, has celebrities and fans tipping their hats, as a sign of respect, to Jeter. Even people who aren't Yankees fans, are still fans of this man. He is a class act!! Farewell Captain.

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