Most everyone knows what a Yankee's fan I am and a fan of Derek Jeter in particular. Not just because he's a great baseball player but a good person too. But back to being a great baseball player, he hit a career homer today that puts him in the record books.

Derek hit his 25th career leadoff homerun to surpass Rickey Henderson and put Jeter in first place in Yankee's franchise history. Jeter is a quite man who isn't braggadocios or egotistical he goes out and plays the game the best he can. He just seems to be a good guy, good team mate, good leader and great player.

Rickey Henderson got his 24 leadoff homeruns between 1985 and 1989.

So I had to brag on my man Derek. Now if I could just get him to come to his senses and come find me!!