My mom and her uncle were big Yankees fans and even bigger Micky Mantle fans so when I was growing up that's who I cheered for. I'm a huge Yankees fan to this day but I don't think I can compare to this man's dedication. He's 111 years old and been a Yankees fan all those years.

Bernando LaPallo was born the same year as the Yankees organization, 1901 (although some records have his date of birth as 1910). That would still put him at over 100 years old; at that point I don't think it really matters!  He met some of the greatest players in baseball like Babe Ruth and is still meeting players today, like Robinson Cano and  Derek Jeter. He will turn 112 on August 17th and still loves to attend games.

He looks amazing and seems to have a great memory and be in good health. I would love to know his secret for longevity! Oh, wait I can. He's written a book about it called 'Age Less, Live More'.