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The very first time (around 2001) I ever heard someone say "Today is just Pray No Day" I thought to myself is this some kind of secret pagan anti-prayer day, why the word NO, why haven't I heard of this before? Well, it took my National Day Calendar to educate me on this subject.

While I was preparing for my radio show I found out about "National Just Pray No Day" when I looked at my National Day Calendar to see what was happening during the weekend and sure enough there it was in plain sight for all to see.

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National Pray No Day is said to have been started by a man named Stephen L. Sherman. The history of Just Pray No Day is about bullies, drugs (cocaine to be exact), and a young about to be 12 years old standing up for himself and literally fighting back the bullies.

As nearly every red-blooded American has heard the old anti-drug saying "Just say no to drugs." So that's kind of the way it got the label of "Just Pray No Day."

Since April 7th, 1991, Just Pray NO!” Ltd. has tried to unite Christians worldwide in prayer for addicts and their families. Addiction has wreaked havoc on families and communities worldwide. The creator, Stephen L. Sherman, was inspired to launch the non-profit after reading newspaper articles about drugs in general and especially a young boy who refused to snort cocaine with the neighborhood bullies a day before his twelfth birthday. “No!” he just said. There was a violent attempt to bully him, but he stood firm. Source:

The incident inspired the founder Stephen Sherman to make a move and start praying. “Just Pray NO,” said Sherman, "I felt as though my mission was to mobilize all Christians in a spiritual struggle against addiction. I believe strongly that the message of “Just Pray No” to drugs would be heard globally and established a worldwide day of prayer."

Today Sherman's voice has been heard loud and clear, because every third weekend in April, Christians worldwide come together to pray for those addicted and their families that are living in the addiction of their loved ones. Over 150 nations are involved in outreach, prayer, and helping those affected.

Recent news data reveals that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that 81,000 people died in the U.S. due to drug overdose between May 2019 and May 2020. One major important topic, people should show solidarity against this rising scourge that devastates people, families, and communities

So go and pray no and say a prayer for those who support, employ, and work with the addicted and those fighting to stay clean and strong. The videos below feature the founder Stephen Sherman and explain Just Pray-No Day.

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