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The third Friday in May has always been National Pizza Party Day. We here in Texas are fortunate to have many locations to partake of the Italian delicacy. Plus we've taken what was the queen's gift and customized it to suit our needs.

What got my attention about National Pizza Party Day is the Texans have created a pizza that fits the lifestyle and the flavor of Texas. While I've visited many different pizza parlors in the Lone Star State over the past 50 years I've found some real gems.

The truth is, that Texas has its unique pizza style, and we tend to refer to it as “a red dirt pizza,” “cowboy pizza,” or “The Texan." Some even call “pizza strips” "cattle drive pizza." While the above-mentioned may not fit the classic description of a traditional Italian pizza.

Nonetheless, I contacted my best friend Shane Potter the son and owner of Potters Pizzarias throughout Texas. Shane shared with me what pizzas are preferred by Texans in the Rolling Plains and throughout Texas.

Potter went on to say "Besides the traditional pizzas like pepperoni, cheese, and the classic Hawaiian the true Texas favorites are the BBQ Chicken, Premier Texas, Taco Pizza, and the Texas Heat." While the barbecue chicken is pretty self-explanatory the premier Texas Pizza is one of my favorites because it contains all the meats they offer pepperoni, Canadian bacon, ground beef, chicken, sausage, and breakfast bacon.

The Taco pizza even has a crispy corn tortilla taste and texture. Texas Heat comes with a great variety of meats, cheeses, and some good ole Texas jalapenos to add heat. So, gather the family and friends and either make your own pizzas at home (check out the do-it-yourself video above) or find your favorite pizza parlor to celebrate and Happy National Pizza Party Day!

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