Wilson Ramos is an up and coming Major League baseball player here in the U.S. He is not a U.S. citizen however. He plays catcher for the Washington Nationals and has been home in Venezuela playing Fall ball during his break from the U.S. season. He was kidnapped from his home and authorities have few leads in the case.

Ramos was home with his family when several gunmen broke in and took him. His father and brothers witnessing the entire event.

Authorities have few leads but did run across one key piece of evidence; the car that was used in the kidnapping has been found. They assume that Venezuelan gang members are behind the kidnapping and are more than likely seeking ransom although no contact has been made with the family at this point. They say Ramos would be a prime target for the gang because he is a professional baseball player in the states making plenty of money.

The FBI is not currently involved since Ramos is not a U.S. citizen but say they will assist if asked by the Venezuelan government.

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