I should preface this entire piece with two important pieces of information: I am not native to Abilene and the Big Country, and I am not a ‘sports’ kind of gal. 

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I did grow up, however, chowing down on soft-serve ice cream while cheering on the closest minor league baseball team. (In my childhood, that was the Midland Rockhounds.) You can understand my excitement when Abilene Sports Entertainment received the blessing of the Abilene Parks and Recreation board to present the idea of minor league baseball to the Abilene City Council once again. 

According to a representative from Abilene Sports Entertainment, the biggest hurdle between Abilene and a minor league baseball team in town is something I thought was an understood part of watching professional sports: alcohol. If Abilene Sports Entertainment is not able to acquire an alcohol license this time around, Abilene can kiss its minor league football dreams goodbye and the group won’t pursue the idea any further.

The new proposal comes with a caveat that may make the decision easier for the city council.

Instead of using talent or facilities at local universities or asking taxpayers to fund yet another project, Abilene Sports Entertainment would complete renovations at the ballpark at Oscar Rose Park to hold between 800 and 1,000 spectators. Once renovated, the ballpark would continue to be the responsibility of Abilene Sports Entertainment.

It’s unlikely Abilene would see a minor league baseball game before 2023, but that won’t stop the Big Country from waiting with bated breath for the next City Council meeting.

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