We've all gotten those phoney emails that we have a fortune waiting for us in a foreign land we just have to get there to claim it. Most of us just hit "delete" and move on, but not a father and daughter from South Korea. The two actually fell for the scam and flew to Johannesburg to make their claim. It ended in a kidnapping of the two.

A 65 year old South Korean man and his 30-something year old daughter were met at the airport in Johannesburg by a driver working for the kidnappers. They were driven to a township and held captive 4 days for a ransom of $10 million.

The kidnappers contacted the mans wife back in South Korea demanding the money be deposited into a Singapore account. The amount was negotiated however, down to just over $100,000.

The woman also contacted the South Korean embassy in South Africa and told them of the kidnapping. The South African police found where the hostages were being held and stormed the house freeing the man and his daughter.

Luckily this turned out for the best and no one was injured only highly embarrassed. However, remember this this next time you receive one of those emails asking you to come claim your lost money. They are not true, only a big scam. Do NOT ever respond to them. I'm sure this family has learned their lesson.

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