The 2011 Mission Thanksgiving food drive proved to be an enormous success, even in strained economic times. The donors started to roll through the line, long before the Mission Thanksgiving lines were to open at 7AM. The first few cars brought gently worn clothing and cash, this was to be a leading indicator of what was to come the rest of the day. I saw more furniture items like lamps and reading tables and small appliances like a toasters being donated this year. The big surprise was the cash donations. More people gave more smaller amounts than ever before.

In the end the folks at Love and Care Ministries received 14 tractor-trailers full of non-perishable food items and clothing plus over $205,000 in cash. Love and Care Ministries can buy more food and badly needed clothing items like underwear and socks for the homeless and the working needy. The need from people needing assistance continues to grow every year, however, this year seems to be a year where those in need has grown astronomically. More and more families are now asking for help of all kinds from Love and Care ministries as opposed to what the mission was when Pastor Hewitt first started out to help mostly homeless men on the streets. Many thanks and tons of blessing to everyone that gave to help make the 2011 Mission Thanksgiving a huge success.

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