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Love and Care Ministries began as a calling from God for two men that were friends and heard the call to service. The men are Mark Hewit and Terry Davis. The two began their first mission on Sunday, January 1st, 1995 in the back of a pickup truck serving meals to the homeless of Abilene.

The first meals were large cups of soup that Mark and Terry made. While they were feeding they were ministering to the homeless they found in the streets, under bridges, down allies, and in abandoned buildings wherever they found people in desperate need.

Love and Care's mission is to care for the poor, working poor, the homeless, and anyone in need

Fast forward to today as the mission is expanding once again, spreading the love into Anson in Jones County. Love and Care's mission is to serve those that are the working poor, the homeless, and the poor in general.

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By building a Love and Care Ministries in Anson they'll be helping those in need that cannot make it into Abilene for their services. Pastor Mark Hewitt said, "we've seen a huge increase in the working poor and the homeless living in and around Anson, Jones county, and further north, so we've been blessed to expand to this area to help those in need."

While the Open House will highlight the new facilities, it will begin with feeding everyone that attends the Grand Opening ceremonies at 731 South 23rd Street in Anson on Saturday, August 20th. That's what Love and Care does, they feed the community physically and spiritually. So let the feeding begin.

Photo by: Janet McGee
Photo by: Janet McGee

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