If you are a history buff like I am, you're gonna love this place. One thing I learned months after I married my wife Donna is that she too loves history. She reads about it all the time, but more than anything, she and I love to visit places where we can step back in time and, in a sense, re-live history.

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The place I am alluding to is the Hangar Hotel and Museum, just down the road in Fredericksburg, Texas. Not only can one stay at the infamous hangar that housed these historic warbirds and is home to a ton of military history, but you can also plan your own parties there as it is an event venue. Being that this month is Military Appreciation Month, this would be a great getaway place.

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The Fredericksburg Texas Hangar Hotel and Museum is awe-inspiring. It takes one back in time into Military History from the 1940s.

This is an adult attraction for persons ages 18 and up only. The infamous Hangar Hotel and Museum are designed with an exterior appearance of a World War II hangar from the early 1940s. On the inside though, get ready to experience a Hawaiian tiki bar of the 1940s, a gift shop with souvenirs from back in the day, and food that will bring back memories of the past.

The Hangar Hotel is a stylish adult environment featuring airplane memorabilia, USO history, and the romance of the 1940s. Relax amidst the aviation-themed backdrop and experience the Hangar Hotel’s service and attention to detail, steeped in the excitement of a bygone era. Owner Dick Esterson created this one-of-a-kind destination as you'll see in the video below. Source: Hangar Hotel and Museum

The Hangar Hotel and Museum in Fredericksburg is closed only on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. But rest assured, on New Year's Eve, you can party like the 1940s, complete with wardrobe, music, food and beverages. Re-live a time in American history that was roaring.

In the meantime, extend a special thank you to all the men and women who have served in the military to make our country great and free. And happy Military Appreciation Month.

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