The Messina Hof Winery is a great place for friends and couples to visit; no children. Although there are two locations, one in Fredricksberg, Texas and one in Bryan, Texas, it's the Bryan location that we will focus on here. I visited the winery when I was in college at A&M. We did a murder mystery dinner in their wine cellar and it was an absolute blast.

When you think of wine you probably automatically think of California, but Texas has been producing some wonderful wines for many years. Messina Hof is one of those award winning (nationally and internationally) Texas wineries. Started in 1977 in Bryan, Texas by Paul and Merrill Bonarrigos set out to bring family, tradition and romance together.

Messina Hof offers, special occasions and events, fine wine and cuisine, picnics, wine tastings and tours and more.

You can enjoy a fine dining experience at the Vintage House Restaurant. Providing lunch and dinner they have everything from soups and salads to shrimp, salmon, ribeyes and lamb chops.

For a romantic getaway, you can stay at their Villa Bed & Breakfast. Enjoy a tour of the winery, Champagne breakfast and an evening wine and cheese reception. They have 11 suites available year round that offer a throwback to the old country as well as amenities like Wi-Fi and whirlpool tubs.

Tours and tasting of the winery are offered throughout the week (both public and private) or you can just drop by the Wine Bar for a quick after work cocktail. They also host events like Harvest Festivals, Murder Mystery Dinners and more.

If you are looking for a weekend getaway with your love then this is the perfect place and it's reasonably priced. Plus, the sunset views over the vineyard can't be beat!

Paul Bonarrigos give you a quick tour of the Winery

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