While I would love to have an expensive Lamborghini or Mclaren and some high powered military rifles. I wouldn't be caught trying to do what these guys are  attempting to do. They are going to shoot their powerful rifles (20mm above and 50cal below) through the open windows of their shiny new high dollar sports cars.

These two videos were done way before the COVID-19 2020 pandemic yet the videos make me feel so isolated. Nonetheless, they lead me to believe that when people are so bored, they're willing to do crazy things like these guys. Then again, the old adage about 'some people have way too much money' is proven true here.

By the way the target is a poor defenseless watermelon in the above video and some explosive tannerite in the video below. The craziest observation of all is that the 'high powered 20mm' rifle is resting on what appears to be two cardboard boxes and the guy with the Mclaren is free-handing that 50 cal. Go figure, rich guys.

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