Many people are turning to tattooing in order to put their medical wishes permanently on their body. However, is this legal and will First Responders pay attention to such tattoos? While they may offer you some peace of mind it's probably not going to help you when there is an emergency.

The tattoos are being used to show allergies, end of life directives (DNR-Do Not Resuscitate) or chronic illnesses. Some people are having "NO CPR" , "DNR" or "Type 1 Diabetes" for example tattooed permanently on their body.

However, there can be legal problems with such works. Not only do you need to find a reputable tattoo establishment to have the work done but they may not even be of use to First Responders. There are no guidelines addressed by the AMA (American Medical Association) when it comes to these types of tattoos. While something listed as an allergy might be beneficial when it comes to resuscitation there are complications. Those complications have to be addressed in writing.

Each states DNR guidelines can vary and usually legally binding paperwork needs to be accessible to physicians.