So I'm sitting here at 11:20 pm and I'm watching Jimmy Kimmel (why I don't know) any way they are reviewing some new product called Catsparella: mechanical cat ears. I'm just wondering who thinks this stuff up and why can't I. You know they are going to make a fortune off of this product.

This just crazy enough to make somebody really rich. The ears work on your brainwaves. A company out of Japan called Neurowear made the ears called Necomimi to read your brainwaves and move accordingly. When you are relaxed the ears lay down, when you concentrate on something, or it piques your interest the ears stand up.

They are not fashion friendly and why you want to wear them I have no idea, but if I find them I'm sure I will buy a pair. You know, as a conversation piece.

Check out more about this concept piece on Catsparella's website.