An Airstream travel trailer never appeared more comfortable, fun and inviting as it does in this latest music video from singer, songwriter Mark Powell. It's for his newest song titled "Project" the fifth single released from his latest album "Breaking Things".

Prior to the release of "Project" Powell has had four prior releases that have been burning up the Texas Red Dirt music charts. They are the title cut of the album "Breaking Things" then there was "Keep It Country", "Walk Away" and Mark's ever so popular "This Bar Needs A Town".

This new music video stars actor, writer and producer Clinton Pickens who is an Abilene native and has also appeared in movies like "Working Girl", "Life In Color" and "Not That Funny" and Abilene's Talan Cobb who plays the uppity, entitled, never worked a day in her life rich girl. While Clinton is the epitome of "trailer trash".

The lyrics leave nothing to doubt for example "I can tell by the way you're dressed / You got it made in the shade / And I guess you can tell by the way I smell / I'm not quite that way / So before you turn and walk away / I got an offer you can't reject / I need a home / And you need a Project" which you'll have to watch this video just to see how this 'odd couple' gets along.

The video tells the story of what I call "when opposites attract, love will conquer all". She gives in after his "Magic Mike" dance moves at the car wash. The once real refined lady gives the trailer house life a try. He on the other hand gets that badly needed bath and learns some culture from his hot new live-in.

In the end love conquers all and it leads you to believe that they live happily ever after  in their Airstream in suburbia between two nice homes. Powell has always had the ability to take you through a musical journey and his latest video creation is no different. Check out the video above as you'll be smiling in the end I guarantee, enjoy.

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