Oh, the lengths people will go to see movies for free.

A Twitter user named @TheRealMyron has received free streaming for a year from Netflix, after he got the company’s logo tattooed on his body.

The user in question sought out some Netflix love by asking to be cast in a commercial, after showing off his ink on Twitter. No dice on the commercial (at least not yet), but the guy got a pretty cool consolation prize in the form of free streaming for a year.


Of course, one has to wonder how thrilled this fella will be once he has to start paying for his service again, and still has this tattoo. Heaven forbid Netflix goes by the wayside like those ancient relics known as video stores. This guy's tattoo will be about as trendy as an 8-track player.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to get the Redbox logo cattle branded on our butt cheeks.

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