This is a bizarre story to say the least, it's disgusting quite frankly. A man has adopted his girlfriend in order to protect his assets. You see the man killed someone while driving drunk and is now being sued by that persons family. So what better way to keep them from getting all your money than to adopt your girlfriend.

A very wealthy Florida business man has legally adopted his girlfriend in order to protect his assets from a wrongful death lawsuit. John Goodman is 48, his girlfriend, Heather Hutchins is 42 and yes in Florida the adoption of adults is legal.

John Goodman ran a stop sign in 2010 and killed a 23 year old man. Goodman was drunk, he was 2x the legal limit. Now the family of the 23 year old are suing in a wrongful death civil suit.

Goodman has children from a previous marriage so the money in their trust can not be touched by the civil suit however, the money is in trust until the kids turn 35. Now the rest of his assets can be taken away. Enter the "brilliant" lawyers of Goodman. If he adopts his girlfriend who is 42 (that's over 35) and places his assets in her trust they can't be touched by the lawsuit but she will have access to them, therefore so would he.

Now what would be really funny is if he places the trust in her name and she takes off; but that's just me thinking out loud!

So what do you think of this? Is it sneaky and immoral or is it brilliant thinking? (or a little of both)

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