From the late '70s, "Let Your Love Flow" to the mid '80s and "Redneck Girl" to the '90s and "Kids Of The Baby Boom." The Bellamy Brothers have always had at least one song that topped the charts every decade. The boys have never been short for words and this Holiday season the Bellamy's wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. They sent this short video from their home in Florida.

Interestingly enough, I've known the Bellamy Brothers since 1978 and I once (on a bet) won the shirt off the Bellamy's back when I predicted how high their single "Kids Of The Baby Boom" debuted on the Billboard Hot-100 chart. Recently, David Bellamy's sons dropped by the KEAN studios, back in July they brought me the new Noah and Jesse Bellamy album "Landfall". Whether it's Howard and David or Noah and Jesse it's always good to hear from the boys of the baby boom.

By the looks of the background in this video, David and Howard are in their Darby Florida back yard.