A Cypress tree growing in the Big Tree Park in Longwood, Florida burned and collapsed Monday. This wouldn't be special except for the fact that the tree is 3,500 years old.

The tree was known as "The Senator" and stood 119 ft. tall. The tree began to burn when a brush fire spread into the park. Arson was looked at but ruled out in this case, it was just a casualty of the brush fire.

Passersby noticed the fire and reported it to authorities. They responded at about 5:45 am and by 8:15 am there was nothing that could be done, the tree was burning from the inside out and falling in 20 ft. pieces forcing the firefighters to back away.

Fifteen firefighters and 800 ft. of hose was used to battle the fire in the dense brush surrounding the tree. There just wasn't much that could be done.

This isn't the first disaster the tree had been through. The tree stood 165 ft tall at one time until 1925 when a hurricane destroyed the top portion.

This tree was so loved by Floridians that it even now has a Facebook page in remembrance.