Loretta Lynn palled around with Kid Rock over the weekend, and love was in the air. Pictures show the rap-rocker on bended knee, and Lynn's caption reads: "Sorry girls, he's taken now!"

The 88-year-old Lynn and 49-year-old Kid Rock (Robert Ritchie) were both unwed headed into the weekend, so it's possible they had a quickie wedding. But some further research shows Lynn was just having a little fun with her fans on social media.

"Well, the preacher was already there so we had some fun with it," she writes in a Facebook post that starts with, "What a weekend!" Video shows the 'couple' were pronounced "Mr. and Mrs.," but not in the traditional sense. See the pictures the icon shared, followed by videos from other guests in attendance:

Invited guests were asked to participate in a "Hillbilly Country" theme (per Deborah Watson on Facebook), which explains some of the less-than-conventional outfits. A live audience was on hand to witness the music and festivities, as well. Several musicians — including Kid Rock —performed. The real highlight was the "ceremony," however.

"Bob Ritchie, Loretta Lynn," the preacher begins in the above video. "I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. American Bad A--."

There was at least one set of vows exchanged on this day. Lynn's son Ernest Ray Lynn renewed wedding vows with wife Crystal Lynn. His daughter, Tayla Lynn (from a previous marriage), was on hand to witness the proceedings, as well. In fact, she explains exactly what happened between the country legend and Kid Rock. Neither knew of this surprise ceremony, but they went with it.

"Now you must understand how close Kid and Memaw have gotten," Tayla Lynn writes. "Like they adore each other. They joke around all the time about getting married and saying to heck with the rest of em."

"So Dad and Crystal decide to make that happen," she continues. "They have the preacher announce that he's ready to do the vows now ... Memaw and Kid both become giddy. Like school kids. They were so caught off guard but both so happy."

"They played along. (Cause obv it’s a joke) Unc (Tim Cobb) even had the veil ready."

Lynn was married for nearly 50 years to Olivier Lynn until he died in 1996. Kid Rock was also married once, to actress Pamela Anderson in 2006.

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