Logan Mize helped kick off the first day of WE Fest 2015 on Thursday (Aug. 6) with an absolutely rocking set and showed the Minnesota fans a Kansas-born artist can really work the stage.

Mize got things off to a high-energy start with "Hankin' On" from his 2009 eponymous album, and he got the crowd revved up with a jam session near the end. He played "Thank God for You," the first song off his 2015 five-song digital EP album, Pawn Shop Guitar, before telling fans, "Thank you guys for coming out — I know it's early and it's Thursday." His manager handed him a drink and Mize reacted to its bite, adding, "I gotta make it to 12:30AM at the other stage; I don't know if I will, with this drink."

He flew through "State of Your Heart," which featured lots of rock-heavy moments, and "Never Gonna Change," then introducing "The Good Life" from his 2012 record Nobody in Nashville. "I think it hit No. 847 on secondary charts," Mize joked. "Can't leave out the hits."

Mize's set list was lengthy,with one highlight including a sweet ballad. "I don't write a lot of ballads. This is my favorite on the EP." The song, "What I Love About You," was a touching moment as Mize crooned: "Then there's that look when I catch you off guard / Yeah, that one right there deep in your heart of hearts / You really don't know just how pretty you are / That's what I love about you."

The singer was also quick to recollect personal stories. Before playing "Boys From Back Home," he said, "I'm not on the fast track to superstardom, but that was never my intent. My best friend called me from a satellite phone while in Iraq. His two best friends from his platoon had just died." At the time, Mize was only a freshman in college, and he reflected on what his friend was going through while penning the song. It was the only song he played completely acoustic and one of the most memorable.

Mize also offered a Tom Petty cover ("You Wreck Me") and a brand new song he just wrote. The lyrics included "Follow your heart / Follow your heart right back to me" and "I picture you in your bare feet / With flowers up in your hair" and the crowd, which by this point was standing in the rain, showed their approval through cheers.

The singer proved he's a veteran entertainer during "Sunflowers." His and the whole band's mics cut out early on in the song, and even though fans couldn't hear most of the lyrics, he kept plugging away until, blessedly, his voice reverberated through the speakers.

A Waylon Jennings cover of "Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line," "I Remember Everything," "El Camino" and "Can't Get Away From a Good Time" rounded out the show. It was an effort that left Mize covered in sweat and a smile, and proved once again that wherever he goes, the good times come along.

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