Country artists had plenty of new music to share this week, from songs of grief to summer anthems to vitriolic break-up songs. Read on to get all caught up on the latest goings-on in the world of new country songs! 

Everette, “Slow Roll”

Country duo Everette have released their first major-label single since signing with BBR Music Group earlier this year. "Slow Roll" is a breezy yet rhythmic song that's all about just relaxing and taking it easy. Brent Rupard and Anthony Olympia, who make up the duo, talk about skipping work on a beautiful day and escaping the stresses of life until they melt away. “Slow roll, roll with me / Easy like a breeze / Get high ‘til the weeping willows look like palm trees / We'll just go with the flow / Flowing gently down the stream / All our worries getting blurry,” they sing. “Slow Roll” will hit radio on June 18. -- CC

Jade Bird, “Furious”

British singer-songwriter Jade Bird has released a new single that is beautiful, but haunting. In “Furious,” Bird bares her soul, singing about someone cheating on her. Although the song’s title might bring forth images of a violent rage, Bird calmly discusses the heartbreaking truth she has uncovered: “Did you take off your ring? / So the lady wouldn't look at you as you checked in / And after waiting there on the bed / Did everything I said sink in? / Or did you just ignore / All that came before / That pretty little thing had you caught?-- CC

Tegan Marie, “I Know How to Make a Boy Cry”

Tegan Marie might only be 14 years old, she is already spreading girl power with “I Know How to Make a Boy Cry.” In the fun-loving song, Marie sings about how she doesn't have time to play games when it comes to boys. The song serves as a warning: "Take it from my mom / Take it from my dad / Take it from all my friends / That you might not want to mess with me," she sings. "I know how to make a boy cry / We can play it cool or we can make a scene / I'll put you on a cover of a magazine / You don't want to mess with me / I know how to make a boy cry." Marie is signed to Warner Music Nashville; she co-wrote “I Know How to Make a Boy Cry” with Nathan Chapman. -- CC

Abi, “A Day Without”

Abi is using her new single as a way to cope with heartbreak following the death of her father. “A Day Without” might be about loss, but it is also about learning to overcome. “'A Day Without' brings on a lot of different emotions for me. The sheer thought of losing someone is absolutely terrifying, as is the deep love you might have for a person with who you might feel like you cannot go on a day without them,” says Abi in a press release. “I think that my father’s passing gave me a new perspective on life, and enabled me to channel much deeper emotions into my craft.” “A Day Without” was written by Jimmy Robbins, Lucie Silvas and the late Andrew Dorff. -- CC

Lucy Angel, “Boyz II Men”

Lucy Angel’s “Boyz II Men” is a catchy track about the ones who just don’t want to grow up. In the song, the trio -- comprised of mom Kate Anderton and her daughters Lindsay and Emily -- sings about knowing when it’s time to throw in the towel and walk away from a relationship that isn’t worth the effort. The harmony-filled song serves as a reminder to women to not put up with immaturity: “All he's gonna do is waste your time / You know he's gonna make you lose your mind / And mess you up again and again,” Lucy Angel sing. “'Cause you can't turn boys to men." -- CC

 Logan Mize, “Better Off Gone”

After offering up an acoustic preview of the song in July of 2017, Logan Mize has shared the studio version of his newest single, "Better Off Gone." Written by Abe Stoklasa and Donovan Woods, the song tells the story of small-town love that ends with a girl who goes off to chase bigger dreams and seeks greater adventures beyond the rural Kansas town -- and high school sweetheart -- she leaves behind. Mize, whose great-uncle Billy Mize helped pioneer the "Bakersfield sound," has said that he loves the song for its vivid imagery and lush, detailed storytelling. -- CL


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