Day 1 of the biggest country music festival in America included sets from Big & Rich, Hank Williams Jr., Rascal Flatts and more. WE Fest 2015 is underway, bringing tens of thousands of fans to Detroit Lake, Minn. for three days of country music and camping. Here are some highlights or things you might have missed if 2015 wasn't your year to make the trip.

Rascal Flatts Fans Aren't Made of Sugar:

Think anyone went home after a drenching rain came before the trio's headlining set? Heck no. Early on there were some empty seats, but by the time the group started playing "Fast Cars and Freedom," it was a packed house. Their concert turned into a massive singalong. Has WE Fest ever sounded better?

Hank Jr.'s Hat Collection Is Extensive:

WE Fest fans were hanging on every word of Hank Williams Jr.'s set on Friday night, and each song seemed to come with a new lid. Things cooled off about halfway through, but Blossom would be proud of this man's collection.

Spider-Man Is a Big & Rich Fan:

Seriously, watch for yourself:

Logan Mize Is Forever Unable to Avoid a Good Time:

Logan Mize’s WE Fest set followed equally energetic sets at Country Jam and Taste of Country Music Festival earlier this summer. His set mixes originals with covers and includes plenty of guitar work. Even when his mic went out, the singer still found a way to keep the energy going. “El Camino” and “Can’t Get Away From a Good Time” closed the show.

Maiden Dixie Sing the Eagles Like No Other (Except the Eagles):

Thursday’s first act was Maiden Dixie, a male/female group that blends rock and country. Before closing the show the tightly-knit foursome covered Led Zeppelin and the Eagles. Their cover of “Seven Bridges Road” was a Day 1 highlight. Their blend of voices rivals any cover of this classic rock classic.

At WE Fest, You Respect the Men Who Came Before You:

The Walk of Fame includes cement casts of dozens of stars who’ve played WE Fest during the previous 32 years. George Strait, Willie Nelson, Kenny Chesney and many more are forever commemorated with handprints in cement. It’s a great way to get away from the crowd for a few moments, and a nod to those who laid the groundwork for the world’s biggest country festival.

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