Larry Gatlin was recently on Fox and Friends and started discussing his addiction and later his getting help from former First Lady Betty Ford. Through a friend in common the doctor who assisted Ford in her recovery from her addiction helped Larry Gatlin with his addictions to all kinds of drugs and alcohol.

Steve Gatlin, Larry Gatlin, and Rudy Gatlin of the Gatlin Brothers pose backstage
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Gatlin, was asked the kind of drug he was addicted to and he remarked "what have you got on you, and can I frisk you?" Larry actually pays tribute to the late Betty Ford, who was known for always saying "we are all God's children, everyone is worth saving."


The brothers Gatlin have also just released a new album titled "Pilgrimage" and has songs such as:

Johnny Cash Is Dead (And His House Burned Down)

I've Done Enough Dyin' Today

My Own Personal Pilgrimage

Country Music Will Never Be the Same

Sweet Becky Walker

A couple of songs were previously released on other albums but the rest of the album is all new. Look for the Gatlins on a stage near you and yes they are crisp and clean with those unmistakeable tight vocal harmonies.  Their tribute to the U.S. Navy SEAL's with their song "Americans, That's Who" climbed rapidly to the top half of the charts after Bin Laden was killed by American special forces. They look older but they sound better than ever and I for one am glad they reached out for help. Welcome back Guys we missed you.

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