The new Toby Keith album 'Hope On The Rocks' due for release on Tuesday, October 30th, is a mixture of fun songs like 'The Size I Wear', a trucking song like 'Haven't Had A Drink All Day'  and a some serious tunes like the title cut 'Hope On The Rocks'. The title cut Toby says "It's my favorite song I've ever written, because every one of these little characters start having faces." Here's a sneak preview of what's to come from Toby Keith.

Toby sets up the song, he says "everybody's always asking about, what ever happened to so and so?" The song is written from the bartenders point of view, anybody that's anybody comes to the bar to drink or drown their troubles and sorrows. Keith says "the lyrics fit the music real well." The new album will be available everywhere October 30th.

Here's Toby Keith with "Hope On The Rocks"