Anyone who is a fan of Kenny Chesney knows he likes his rum. His tours have been sponsored by rum makers in the past but now Kenny has his own brand of rum. It should be available to the public next month.

The Blue Chair Bay Rum (a nod to Kenny's song Old Blue Chair) doesn't just have his name attached to it, he was 'all in' on creating the flavor. He didn't plan to start a company, it just sort of happened. Kenny worked with Mike Booth and one of the Caribbean's oldest distilleries to make a product he would be proud of and actually drink himself.

Kenny has been approached in the past about his own brand of liquor but the time wasn't right until now. Kenny says he did tastings and had to decide what would make someone feel like they were in the islands. What would the island experience be if you could bottle it and drink it. What they came up with is Blue Chair Bay.

There will initially be 3 flavors; Premium white, coconut and spiced coconut rum.