Katie Arminger is all grown up and it's showing in her music. With the release of her latest album Fall Into Me Katie shows a much more mature side of her music. Take for example the latest single 'One Night Between Friends'.

This is Katie's 4th album and it's been more than 2 years since her last album. She is not the same teenager that celebrated her 17th birthday right here in Abilene with us. She co-wrote all 14 songs on the album, so they are very reflective of her journey into adulthood and that, all too common, search to find love.

Sometimes as friends you have to test the waters to see if there's something more. If you're lucky you have an incredible relationship and if it doesn't work hopefully, as friends first, you end up remaining friends. Here's Katie's take on 'One Night Between Friends'.

Watch 'One Night Between Friends' Here

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