Katie Armiger's new album contains songs about heartbreak, revenge and falling for Mr. Wrong. The singer wrote the album from personal experiences -- boyfriends who'd treated her wrong over the past couple of years. That's "boyfriends" plural, not one single creep.

"I wish," the 'Playin' With Fire' singer tells Taste of Country. "They were different guys, and some of them aren't even my stories." There is a little love, and the man hate -- if you can call it that -- wasn't intentional.

"I didn't want it to sound hateful," she adds defensively. To be fair, many of the songs a man may be taken aback by are songs of empowerment for her female fans. It's a matter of perspective. The guys will have to "settle" for the sexy new video for her single, or the smokin' hot hit 'Better in a Black Dress.'

Since Armiger has heard just about every line in the book, she seemed like the perfect person to give advice to guys on how to break up with a girl without ending up in a figurative Katie Armiger song. The bad news? It may be hopeless.

"There's really no great way of breaking up, if you love somebody and you know it's not working there isn't really an easy fix," she dishes.

Certain lines work better than others however, and that's where Armiger is willing to share her expertise.

Breakup Line 1: "I love you, but I'm not 'in love' with you."

Armiger: Oooh … that's good. That's valid. I think that would be a valid one.

Breakup Line 2: "I need some space."

Hmmm … I would say yes and no. Yes sometimes you would need a little bit of that space, but sometimes you kinda sit there and go "Why would you?" if you were so into that person.

ToC: That one raises the cheating flag a little.

Yeah, I would say you're a little suspicious.

Breakup Line 3: "You can do better than me."

Uhh, no. I don't buy that one.

Breakup Line 4: "Nothing has happened yet, but I've fallen for your friend."

[laughs] Huh … No. That one doesn't work for me either

ToC: But it's honest, isn't that what you want is honest?

Yeah. No. [laughs] I've had this conversation before.

Breakup Line 5: "I'm just not that into you anymore."

Meh … There are so many better ways of saying it than that. I feel like that could be valid. I know friends that have felt that before. And it's not so simple as that line, where you grow out of it. And sometimes that happens, you're just in a different phase of your life. But it's said in a little nicer than that.

Breakup Line 6: "I just wanna be friends."

That one would be valid. That's not mean, I don't think. I've had friends where they start out really good friends, they try it and it doesn't work and they wanna still be friends.

ToC: Can that happen though? Can you ever just go back to being just friends?

I think so, distant friends.

ToC: Especially when you're of drinking age, it just seems like you're one drunken night away from making a bad mistake.

True. Well, I think you become friends later on.

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