This week, country stars released backwoods anthems, heartbroken love songs, anthems to youth and living life on your own terms, and much more. Read on to get to know all the latest new country tracks!

Kassi Ashton, "Field Party":

Kassi Ashton may have just released the official version of her new song, "Field Party," but her biggest fans have already been listening to the track for weeks. Just before CMA Fest 2019, the singer shared a link to the song via Soundcloud, taking an old-school approach to make sure that listeners could get their hands on the song before seeing her perform it live at the festival. "Field Party," is a barn-burning, feel-good track about having fun in the backwoods, and, as Ashton writes, it is "made to be played very loud!"

Mickey Guyton, "Sister":

Mickey Guyton pays homage to the female friendships that help her navigate life in her latest track, "Sister." The song doesn't sugarcoat how difficult the ups and downs of life can be -- especially for women -- but pledges to support the women in her life, the way they support her.

"Sister / I got your back on the long, drunk stumble home / Sister / I'll be your 'Hell yeah' when all you ever heard was no," Guyton sings in the song's chorus. "I'm your speed dial call, I'm your late night cry / I'm your shotgun seat, yeah, I'm your ride or die / Sister / You're gonna hurt but you ain't gotta hurt alone." The singer wrote the song with Nathan Spicer and Victoria Banks.

Justin Moore, "Someday I Gotta Quit":

Justin Moore says that the inspiration for his new song, "Someday I Gotta Quit," came from a conversation about vices. "Somebody asked me about drinking or something one night. I just simply said, 'Yeah, some day I gotta quit,'" the singer recalls. "It made me think of things we all talk about as it pertains to our own personal struggles, whatever they may be. I threw the idea out to my co-writers, and we just ran with the fictional story about the guy in the song who has his own set of struggles. Hopefully everyone can relate, regardless of what their struggles are personally. No doubt, we all have them."

"Someday I Gotta Quit" was written by the singer, along with Casey Beathard, Paul DiGiovanni and Jeremy Stover. The song comes off of Moore's forthcoming album, Late Nights & Longnecks, which is due for release on July 26.

Hailey Whitters, "Red Wine & Blue":

In the plaintive new single "Red Wine & Blue," Hailey Whitters breaks out the big guns -- Patsy Cline and day-drinking --  to help ease the pain of a lost relationship. The person on the losing end of a breakup wallows in the pain of heartbreak, which is exacerbated by the fact that the person who ended the relationship doesn't seem to be hurting at all. Following the release on songs such as "The Days" and "Ten Year Town," "Red Wine & Blue" was co-written by Whitters along with Brandy Clark and Jessie Jo Dillon.

"This song was written about a broken relationship and the mental anguish of it being over," the artist explains. "When there appears to be a lack of distress on 'the breaker,' it can cause one to wonder if the moments in the relationship were real or imaginary."

Lena Stone, "Kids These Days":

Lena Stone celebrates the murky age in between adolescence and adulthood in her bubbly new single, "Kids These Days," a track that takes a lighthearted look at the ups and downs of life in the early and mid-twenties.

The song examines what it's like to be young today, but also takes a broader look at how each generation passes through this stage of life. "I love the idea that 60 years ago, our grandparents were the kids of their day, and then our parents, and now it's our turn. My friends and I are all just trying to figure out who we are," Stone explains to Billboard. "Every generation has gone through that in their 20s, and the people who came before them have always thought they were crazy."

Chase Rice, "Lonely if You Are":

Chase Rice’s latest single, “Lonely if You Are,” is all about playing the long game. While Rice and the object of his affections may not be official just yet, the song’s lyrics assure her to take her time, and that he’ll be around any time she decides she’s ready to take the next step toward romance. Written by Rice along with Lindsay Rimes and Hunter Phelps, “Lonely if You Are” follows “Eyes on You,” Rice’s first-ever No. 1 hit.

Michaela Anne, "By Our Design":

"By Our Design," the wistful and airy newest release from Michaela Anne, tells the story of an imperfect, unconventional and ultimately freeing life. Despite having "barely a dime and some troubled times," the singer never regrets her decision to pursue a life of music and travel over a steady paycheck. A strong and lasting love story runs through the course of the whole song: "By Our Design" describes a couple that live life on their own terms.

"Straight jobs and steady pay / Were never in our cards to play / Late nights and songs to sing / And long drives are our trade," Anne sings in the song's chorus. "Chasing mountain highs and painted skies will keep us on our way..." The song comes off her forthcoming record, Desert Dove, which is due for release on Sept. 27 via Yep Roc Records.

Emily Weisband, "Identity Crisis":

Acclaimed songwriter Emily Weisband struggles with all the different -- and sometimes, conflicting -- sides of her personality on "Identity Crisis," her debut single as a performer. According to Billboard, the idea for the song sprung from a conversation Weisband had with her therapist.

"I was telling her, 'Man, I feel like I have to be so many different people for so many different people.' I go to church and I'm the overly sexual hot girl. I go to the bar and I'm the overly spiritual girl. They all feel like me, but none of them are me," the singer explains. "Identity Crisis" came out on June 21.

Jon Langston, "Now You Know":

Jon Langston's new single, "Now You Know," is a classic, straightforward, time-tested redneck anthem. Co-penned by the singer along with Brad Clawson and Brock Berryhill, the song showcases Langston's Georgia roots and radio-friendly, country-rock chops. The song officially impacted radio on June 24, and the singer will be taking it on the road throughout the summer of 2019 on Luke Bryan's Sunset Repeat Tour.

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