From fluttery declarations of new love to attempts to break free from toxic old relationships, the latest batch of country songs has something for every listener. Read on to get to know all your new favorites!

Carly Pearce, "Heart's Going Out of its Mind":

Carly Pearce is reliving the time she spent dating her now-husband, Michael Ray, with the release of “Heart’s Going Out Its Mind.” In the upbeat song, Pearce recalls the early days of how Ray got her hooked on their love, singing “Boy, whatever you're selling I'm buying it / I'm losing it a little but I'm liking it / There's something in the air tonight / My heart's going out of its mind.” "Heart's Going Out Of Its Mind" will appear on Pearce's upcoming self-titled album. The full project is slated to be released on Valentine's Day. -- CC

Kassi Ashton, "Hopeless":

Kassi Ashton is sharing a live fan favorite, "Hopeless," in response to demand from her listeners. The song describes a dead-end relationship that keeps going in circles, no matter how hard she tries to break free of unhealthy old patters.

"Y'all blew my DMs up about this song and I listened. I'm so, so excited to give you 'Hopeless,'" the singer says in a statement. "We've all been there. They're no good, but you can't say no. The asylum we feel within ourselves is like no other. Maybe we should hope less." -- CL

Nathaniel Rateliff, "And it's Still Alright":

Nathaniel Rateliff will be releasing his first solo album in just about seven years this February. Ahead of the release, Rateliff has released the project’s first single and title track, "And It's Still Alright." Rateliff penned the track about his friend and producer, Richard Swift, and a person’s journey to accept things when they don’t go as planned.

“I think I always want to see hope in the darkness, and I like to try to share that,” Rateliff explains in a press release. “I always try to write from a perspective of trying to approach everything very honestly, even if it leaves me vulnerable.” -- CC

Watkins Family Hour, "Just Another Reason":

Watkins Family Hour has debuted the reflective and string-heavy "Just Another Reason," a song that spotlights vocal harmony between siblings and bandmates Sara and Sean Watkins. The song comes off their forthcoming new album, Brother Sister, which is their first release in five years and includes seven original tracks as well as three covers.

"It felt really good to dig into the potential of two people," Sara Watkins reflects in a press release. "The primary goal of this record became to see what we could do when it's just the two of us. The arrangements and the writing were all focused on that. Listening now, I'm really proud of what we did. These are songs that would not have come out of either one of us individually and it feels like a band sound, like this is what we do, the two of us." -- CL

Gabby Barrett, "Hall of Fame":

In “Hall of Fame,” Gabby Barrett explains that her adoration for her husband, Cade Foehner, is so strong that it deserves a place of honor -- like in a Hall of Fame. Barrett explained in a press release, “I am so blessed to have found a husband that makes me feel cherished, cared for and treasured. We wrote this song to celebrate the goodness and the details of love – the little things, the feeling of truly loving someone and feeling that in return.”

The singer continues, “ I hope this song inspires everyone to reflect and say an extra ‘thank you’ to the people that make them feel the same way too, and I hope they love it as much as I do.” "Hall of Fame" was penned by Barrett, Trannie Anderson, Adam Doleac and Zachary Kale. -- CC

Aubrie Sellers, "Haven't Even Kissed Me Yet":

Aubrie Sellers spotlights sparse, un-frilly lyrical delivery in her ballad, "Haven't Even Kissed Me Yet," which tells a bleak story backed by gentle acoustic guitar line. “I’ve always been drawn to conversational songs and simple songs that don’t feel too ‘written,'” the singer explains of the song, according to Rolling Stone.

I tried to lay it out exactly as it went down, and I know there are probably other people out there who have felt that exact same thing. No turn of phrase or trying to be overly clever, just the truth," she adds. "Haven't Even Kissed Me Yet" comes off of Sellers' forthcoming sophomore album, Far From Home. -- CL

The Lone Bellow, "Count on Me":

"Count On Me" is the first single that The Lone Bellow have shared from their upcoming album, Half Moon Light. The track is full of layered vocals that bring an amazing warmth to the song and its message of being loved and supported.

Throughout the song, the group sings about being there for eachother when the world seems to be knocking you down. They sing about giving into the pressures and falling into your safety net. “Let it break you / Let it help you lay down what you held onto / Let it break you," the group sings in soaring harmony. "You can count on me, if I can count on you / Count on me, if I can count on you.” As a whole, Half Moon Light will be released on Feb. 7. -- CC

The Ballroom Thieves, "Homme Run":

The Ballroom Thieves' new song, "Homme Run," may have a punny title, but its subject matter is dead serious. The track takes on gender inequality, calling out our society's long-held systemic patriarchy with an acerbic sense of humor.

"Human existence has been curated almost exclusively by men, for men. Ironically, as we once again enter the '20s, this arrangement remains unbearably exhausting and catastrophic," states bandmate Calin Peters. "This song stems from a desire to stop pandering to people who don't see the problem so we can finish smashing the patriarchy and move on to more important things, like honoring the matriarchy." -- CL

Jessi Alexander, "Mama Drank":

In her song, "Mama Drank," acclaimed Nashville songwriter turned recording artist Jessi Alexander isn't afraid to share the realities of motherhood. For Alexander, her truths come in the form of being a mom of three while battling the "working mom blues" and navigating the "delicate dance of working like a man / While you’re keeping your apron tied." With all of the things stacked on her plate, Alexander admits to finally realizing why her mom would enjoy a drink. "Mama Drank" was penned by Alexander alongside her husband, Jon Randall. -- CC

Hailey Whitters, "Janice at the Hotel Bar":

Hailey Whitters has shared the next piece of her forthcoming next album, The Dream. "Janice at the Hotel Bar" tells the real-life story of a frank-talking but wise older woman who drops life advice from the vantage point of her seat at a hotel bar.

"Janice is an 80-something-year-old woman a friend of mine met a few years ago," explains Whitters. "As they sat talking, Janice dished countless bits of wisdom and advice about life and getting older. I personally have always struggled with finding the right work/life balance, oftentimes getting so caught up in the next accomplishment or achievement that I forget to notice the life that is happening all around me.

"This song has become my little prayer and reminder to pay attention and be intentional. I hope it resonates with listeners in that way, too," she adds. The Dream is due out on Feb. 28. -- CL

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