K2 is an herbal and chemical compound product that affects the brain just like marijuana when smoked. K2 is most often sold as incense and the high in K2 comes from synthetic cannabinoids that act like THC the active chemical in marijuana that affects the brain and causes the high. Some experts say K2 is 10 times more potent that regular marijuana, so less is smoked to get a greater high effect. The big selling point is "with K2 you will not fail a drug test when you smoke it." Not true says Any Lab Test Now, who has a specific K2 test that check for at least four other chemicals as well.

The online and in store ads claim "The high is just like weed, but more powerful with no hangover and it's not detectible." Wrong says Amanda Diaz with Any Lab Test Now she says “we’ve noticed an increase of more teenage kids being tested for all kinds of drugs but we've really noticed an increase in K2 testing, which we can usually have results back within two minutes.” Amanda says that the test results for ‘legal and/or illegal’ substances are in most cases returned with two minutes.

Want to score some real good synthetic weed? Just head on over to your favorite tobacco shop some are selling it here in Abilene, as are many online K2 stores and guess what? It's not illegal to possess. Although it's not real marijuana, some drug experts say that K2 (synthetic marijuana) is more dangerous than than the real stuff.

One online K2 store boasts:

One thing that makes K2 attractive is that you are not going to fail a drug test when you smoke it. So it's a great option for those who work at places where they drug test and you still want to have some fun. While some of the substances that make up K2 have been made illegal there are new substances and blends that are still legal. You should check with the local laws in your area before you make any purchases.

Source: Buy K2 Incense Online

If you suspect that your teen or an employee is cheating the system or you smell the hint of sweet incense on them, it maybe time to do the ole 'random drug test.' Always check with an expert before firing that employee or grounding your teenager. Amanda Diaz says "you don't need a prescription or warrant to have anyone tested and the results are always kept very confidential (no law enforcement will involved).

VIDEO: Caution this video is a disturbing reaction to smoking K2 and has offensive language. A great example why parents need to test their their teens.

VIDEO: This clip advertises the different tests Any Lab Test Now offers

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