I recently did a blog on the 'American Medicine Chest Challenge' where everyone was asked to go and clean up their medicine cabinet and get rid of all old and/or outdated medications. While doing my research on that subject, several law enforcement personnel informed me that there's been about a 400% increase in 'prescription drug abuse' amongst teens and others. What's shocking is where the kids are getting their drugs.

Sgt. Tony Lassetter of the Abilene Police Department Youth Division says a growing number of kids are scoring their drugs from Grandma Grandpa, mom and dad. Some are going as far as to breaking into the homes where the elderly live, they don't steal anything but the prescription drugs.

Lassetter said "We've also noticed that when an elderly person dies, the medicines often come up missing and hardly anyone ever notices. Until the the abuser ends up in the hospitals E.R. with grandma's pill bottle."  Sgt. Lassetter went on to say “Xanax, Vicodin and Hydrocodone are just a few of the chosen drugs teens are abusing. We tell people to hide and lock up your medicines because we’ve also seen an increase in home burglaries where the only thing taken were their prescription drugs.”

On the positive side, you don't need a search warrant or Doctors prescription to get your teens tested for drugs and the testing is 100% confidential. Amanda Diaz with Any Lab Test Now says "we've noticed an increase too that more teens are being tested for prescribed medications." Amanda says the the test results for 'legal and/or prescribed' drugs are returned in about two minutes.

Marijuana is now an 'old school' drug and is still somewhat popular with teens and adults alike. However, the new drugs to be on the lookout for as well, are called Bath-salts (synthetic cocaine) and K-2 (synthetic marijuana) and yes I was assured that testing for synthetic drugs can be done as well with the same kind of accuracy.

For question and/or more information contact Lt. Joe Tauer, Sgt. Tony Lassetter or Sgt. Brian Cokonougher at the Abilene Police Dept. Youth Division at (325) 676-6640. For testing information call Any Lab Test Now at 325-480-1106 or see them at 3351 Turner Plaza, Suite 108 North Abilene, TX.

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