Sometimes you just have to ask and it will come true.  That's what a lady from Ohio did on LeAnn Rimes twitter page; and now she will own some of  LeAnn's personal things.LeAnn was tweeting on her Twitter page that she was cleaning and organizing her closet.  She was talking about how many shoes she has and someone simply asked if she had anything she would like to

donate.  The Ohio woman had lost her job and had a 16 month old son and they were living on her husbands income alone.  LeAnn got the woman's address and sizes and set her some things from her own closet that she no longer needed.

Now will the lady wear those things or do you think she will Ebay them and try to get some extra cash?  Either way she will benefit and it was a nice gesture on LeAnn's part.  Sometime it just pays to ask the question everyone else wants to ask.