During Julianne Hough' recent visit to the Virginia Medical Center for Vets, she introduced her new campaign for the "Hero Dog Awards."
Ms. Hough got involved with a campaign when she realized how beneficial and important the therapy dogs are to the patients.So now Julianne Hough started a contest presented by Cesar Canine Cuisine intended to celebrate heroic dogs that help transform lives by providing the aid, comfort and support that the returning war veterans need. Votes can be cast at www.HeroDogAwards.org. For each vote cast Cesar will make a donation to the American Humane Association.

During her VA Medical Center performance, Hough told patients her first song she ever sang in public was “How Much is that Dog in the Window.” She went on to admit that loneliness plays a big roll being on the road performing or filming movies and that she has alleviated that problem somewhat by having her fur covered friends with her when she is away from her family. She said dogs Lexi and Harley are truly her safe haven.



Dogs everywhere are doing amazing things for those in need. Together, we’re working hard to shine a light on the thousands of specially trained dogs giving comfort to people every day with the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards presented by cesar canine cuisine premiering on Hallmark Channel, November 11, 2011 8:00pm ET/PT.

People like you have nominated dogs in eight life-changing categories. Now, it’s time to help make a difference. Vote on your favorite dogs and the cesar® brand will make a donation* to American Humane Association to help bring love to lives everywhere. Vote at: www.HeroDogAwards.org

Here's a little reminder, our furry little friends need our help to survive the summer heat. Heat-related incidents account for a majority of pet deaths in the south. To help you better recognize a pet in distress here's an earlier blog on the "Do's and Don'ts" for pets during the summer.

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