Jordan Davis recently announced that he and his wife Kristen are expecting their first child together -- but don't expect to see footage of a gender reveal party on social media. In fact, the couple is going old school, waiting until the baby is born to find out whether it's a boy or a girl.

"Oh yeah, we're not gonna find out," Davis recently told The Boot and other outlets. "I wanted to find out, but she did not wanna find out, so we're gonna wait."

As for finding out about the pregnancy itself, however, the singer recalls that he got the exciting news on a day that was already memorable: "I found out the day I did Good Morning America," Davis shares. "I woke up to go to the studio or whatever, and she came out of the bathroom, and she was like, 'You wanna know something?' And I was like, 'What's up?' And she told me she was pregnant."

The realization that he was about to become a dad immediately shifted Davis' perspective, he relates, adding that before getting the news, he'd been immersing himself in his music -- maybe even to a fault.

"I was really, really into music. Really hard. Probably kind of too hard," the singer admits. "To where now, it's been a good balance of stepping back and going, 'Alright, dude, I've got to focus just as hard on being a dad as I do on making this next album.'"

That doesn't mean his musical goals have slackened, however, and Davis is thankful that he has a supportive team around him to help him manage it all. "I have a lot of people I trust around me," he says. "[Having a baby] means I've just gotta lean a little bit harder on them ...

"My wife is a rockstar," he adds.

There is one aspect of Davis' life that hasn't changed much -- yet -- and that's what goes on in the songwriters' room. Davis explains that he's explored the idea of writing a song about fatherhood, but he thinks he'll have to wait until after the baby is born to truly delve into that subject matter.

"You know, I tried to write a song," he recalls. "I had this idea about being a dad and having a kid, and I tried to write it. I don't have a kid yet, so it wasn't a very good song!"

In the meantime, he's finding more fertile subject matter in the evolution of his marriage.

"The only thing that's changed is me and Kristen's relationship. I've tried to write songs about how just those couple of words, 'You're going to be a dad,' has kind of changed my relationship with my wife," Davis says. "I think when the little guy or girl gets here, maybe then it'll sink in and some songs'll start coming from it. But right now, it's just kind of [about] the changing of mine and her relationship."

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