During Sunday night's (Feb. 4) Super Bowl LII, Amazon rolled out a pretty funny commercial for their popular home electronic, Alexa. The premise of the commercial is that the electronic assistant has lost her voice and celebrities need to fill in to make sure people have the help they ask for. However, these interactions don't go as smoothly as usual -- including one request for some country tunes.

The Amazon Alexa commercial features hot-headed celebrity chef Gordan Ramsay yelling into a headset after someone asks how to make a grilled cheese, berating him for not knowing how to make such a simple recipe by the age of 32. Rapper Cardi B makes fun of a person who asks Alexa the distance from Earth to Mars, the response peppered with the hip-hop star's signature chirps and boisterous laugh. Although it might have been clear to the viewer that the distance question was in relation to a homework assignment, Cardi B wants to know why he wants to go somewhere without oxygen.

Cardi B makes a second appearance in the ad after a man asks to hear some country music. Instead of playing the genre she was asked to play, viewers hear Cardi B rapping the lyrics to her hit "Bodak Yellow." The man asks for a second time, but Cardi B won't budge and continues to play her own song instead of country music.

There were a few other celebrities in the commercial, too: Rebel Wilson makes things a little too, ahem, steamy when asked to set the mood for a dinner party, and Anthony Hopkins plays a super-villain who feeds snacks to his pet peacocks and turns vaguely menacing when a woman asks Alexa to call her boyfriend for her. Press play above to see the full commercial.

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