Back in November of 2019, Jimmie Allen teased that he had a very special duet ready to go for 2020 when he appeared on the red carpet for the SESAC Nashville Music Awards. Allen played it coy at first, saying "Yep! Her dad was and still is one of my favorite country artists of all time ... and she has an older sister that has a huge career."

Now a few weeks into the new year, Allen is revealing exactly who the special collaboration is with, telling The Boot, "I did a song with Noah! Noah Cyrus."

For Allen, the collaboration with Cyrus represents an exciting new chapter of music that will tell the story of where he is at currently, both in his life and in his career. "For me, I just try to make music I love, you know?" he said.

Allen intends to remain true to himself as an artist, which allows the country singer to push boundaries, often blending qualities of various musical genres. For Allen it's about making the music he loves, rather than adhering to any sort of label.

"I have so many people that will comment on my stuff all the time and say, 'You're a country artist. Do this more country, do that more country,'" he relates. "And I always tell every artist and songwriter, 'Make the music you love. Let everyone else worry about labeling it.'"

"So for me, it's just about writing songs about where I'm at in life right now. Songs I love. And letting them find the people that like them," he added.

Allen's collaboration with Cyrus will not be the first time that the "Best Shot" singer has worked outside the genre boundaries of country music, as he has hinted at upcoming collaborations with Rob Thomas, who fronts the pop-rock band Matchbox Twenty; as well as Wyclef Jean, who is most notable for his work with the Fugees.

Allen has also mentioned possible collaborations with R&B singer and daytime talk show host Keke Palmer, gospel singer Kelly Price, and he's even is looking into exploring contemporary Christian music. "I'm a big Christian music fan," he explains. "So I just started reaching out to TobyMac, trying to do something with Toby."

While Allen has ambitions to explore other genres, he will not be leaving country music any time soon, as he also revealed that one of his dream collaborations is with fellow country music boundary expander, Shania Twain.

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