Country singer Jake Owen is a fan of Tom Petty. Just like Petty, Owen grew up in Florida, and he was greatly influenced by the rock legend's music. But after hearing his comments about the state of modern country music, Owen had to make his hurt feelings known.

Petty's comments made headlines this month after he expanded on the subject during a Rolling Stone interview. He referred to today's country music as "bad rock with a fiddle" during a concert in New York City. He also said:

"Most of that music reminds me of rock in the middle '80s where it became incredibly generic and relied on videos.”

Owen becomes the latest - and possibly the most outspoken - to lash out at Petty after hearing of his displeasure with modern country music. The country star used an interview on SiriusXM radio to share his feelings about the comments, stating:

"Tom Petty's a guy that's an icon and a legend in the form of music. It's unfortunate that he'd make a ridiculous, uneducated comment like that about a format he's not even a part of...First off, why? That bums me out a little bit … but everybody makes ignorant comments from time to time. My dad always said there's an ass for every seat so if you don't like it, get out...Tom Petty pissed me off, man."

The country singer says he's still a fan of Tom Petty, but made it clear that he wasn't happy with the Rolling Stone comments him. Owen joins Chris Stapleton among the most outspoken against what Petty had to say.