One of the great places to visit in Dallas is Deep Ellum.  The arts, entertainment, and dining that resides in Deep Ellum make it a place to go and have some fun.

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One of the great places to visit in Deep Ellum, especially if you like craft beer is,

Deep Ellum Brewing Co.


The brewery was founded in 2011 and set up shop in an old industrial paper warehouse.  It was one of the first craft breweries to be opened in Dallas, in over 2 decades.

They began brewing beer.

Their most popular beers include the Deep Ellum EPA, Dream Crusher, and the Dallas Blonde.


There was something about Deep Ellum Brewing Co., and the personality of the company was evident in the beer.

The End of an Era

The end of Deep Ellum Brewing Co. is here.  They announced that they are closing.

After 12+ amazing years of brewing and serving our beers in Deep Ellum, we've made the difficult decision to close our taproom and brewhouse. From the great folks who've worked here to those who've joined us for a pint or a show, we'd like to thank everyone that's been a part of our journey. Rest assured - the Deep Ellum story is not over. Our beers will remain available throughout Texas, and we look forward to sharing them with our fans for many years to come. While our hearts are heavy with this news today, our love for Deep Ellum will always run deep.
Luckily, for those who love Deep Ellum Brewing Co. beers, you can still find them in Texas.  But they won't be produced in this infamous brewery anymore.  This was sad news for a lot of people, and Deep Ellum Brewing Co. will be missed.

On a Personal Note

Our radio stations used to host an event called the Texas Panhandle Beerfest and each year Deep Ellum Brewing Co. would always join us bringing their best beers and fun!

TSM Amarillo

When I had the chance to visit friends in Dallas, they would always take us to the Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Taproom.  One of those times we did the brewery tour which if you didn't get to experience, you missed a good time.  During the tour, I got to sample a Chocolate Cherry beer, it was the best thing ever.   They called it Cherry Double Chocolate Stout.  I usually stick with the blondes, but dang, that one still sticks with me to this day.

We set out with just one goal - to make damn good beer.

Your goal was accomplished!


Gallery Credit: Leo

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