Dallas Woman's Unusual Hobby Takes Neighborhood Watch to a Whole New Level!

Meet the trendsetter who's turning heads and raising brooms in the name of community surveillance.

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In a Dallas neighborhood, one resident has taken the concept of neighborhood watch to a whole new level. Move over, traditional surveillance methods—this Dallas woman has found a unique way to keep an eye on the neighborhood, and it involves a broom and a whole lot of sweeping.


Nosey Neighbor

This "Yard Guardian" has invented the chore of sweeping the grass. While most people sweep to keep their surroundings tidy, Lisa has discovered the perfect vantage point to observe the comings and goings of her neighborhood—right from her front lawn.  

Cleaning Up in Crocs

As she continues to sweep her way into the hearts of her neighbors, one thing is for sure—this Yard Guardian has proven that community watch can be both effective and entertaining.

Who knew that a simple household chore could bring a neighborhood together and keep them on their toes at the same time? Move over, traditional neighborhood watch groups; it's time to make way for the sweeping sensation of the century!



Check out the video below:

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