Cops and Robbers
Watch these two adorable Dachshunds named Crusoe and Oakley play a game of 'Cops and Robbers'. Their owner dressed them up in some awesome costumes to play their parts.
Cops Dancing Video
Traffic cops from around the world are caught on video directing traffic while busting a move dancing. I believe some of the cops in these videos have got rhythm, a couple of the dancing darlings need to take some dance lessons because they just make it look dirty.
Police Officers Play
On duty Kansas City police officers stopped to play a friendly game of three on three. Not only did the cops drop in on these kids, but it appears that one officer used his patrol car to block off the street from oncoming traffic. "As I watched this news report, I thought about the benefits of the kids having a good experience with law enforcement, but I also wondered if there wasn't somethin
Cops Punch, Drag Diabetic Man From Car After Assuming He’s Drunk
A 70-year-old San Antonio man was punched by a police officer and dragged from his car after suffering a diabetic episode, causing him to pass out in his vehicle while in the turning lane of a street. When cops arrived, Thomas Mathieu was unconscious behind the wheel, leading cops to assume he was intoxicated...
Drunk Man Pees in Cop Car, But Don’t Worry — He Was Wearing a Diaper
We're no experts, but we imagine that dealing with drunken idiots is every cop's least favorite part of the job, especially guys like the dude about at Oktoberfest, or the Seattle man who recently peed in the back of a patrol car on Sunday while being transported to jail. Hey, can you blame him? At least he was wearing a diaper at the time.
New Drunk Driving Test Is A Tough One [VIDEO]
Beware If you're ever in Montreal Canada Their drunk driving test can be rather difficult especially if you have two left feet. It appears that when the Montreal police officers personal breathalyzer machine fails the resourceful cops put their unsuspecting victims through the test, the Achey Breaky dance test. The video is pretty easy to follow and you may want to learn the new procedure in the e