All of us have seen at least one person -- in real life or on video -- getting out of their vehicles while stopped at a red light in Texas. Often it's done as a joke; sometimes to check on something; and maybe even to go up to another car (hopefully under not-so-bad circumstances).

But is doing this legal in the state of Texas? Let's find out together.

Could you get in trouble for getting out of your car at a red light?

While I couldn't find the exact answer I wanted, I think it's safe to assume you should never get out of your vehicle at a red light in Texas.

Per Texas law, it is actually illegal to even open your door while operating a vehicle. With that being said, I think it would be looked down upon if you were to not only open your door while operating the vehicle but ALSO get out of it.

And yes, this applies if you're at a red light -- not only if you're traveling down the road. By opening the vehicle door at any point while it's on, you are technically breaking the law. 

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So just err on the side of caution and make sure your vehicle is off before opening your door.

Why would people get out of their vehicles at a red light anyway?

If there is an emergency, I absolutely understand the need to exit a vehicle -- even if that means getting out while on the side of the road or at a red light. Things happen, unfortunately, such as wrecks or medical emergencies.

However, if you simply get out of your car at a red light to do a dance, yell at someone else, or throw something away (hopefully not littering) then that could have waited.

Even though you may be at a red light, you could still pose a danger to yourself and others around you. And even if nothing bad happens, let's be honest, some situations of people exiting their vehicles at lights can be amusing, but often it's just plain annoying.

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