It's that time of year in Texas (and everywhere else north of the equator). Spring has sprung, grass is growing, and weeds are taunting. As a homeowner with a yard on both an incline and a corner, but whose knowledge of intricate lawn management is low, my attunement to Abilene area nurseries is high.

Scroll below and you'll find a variety of Abilene greenhouses, nurseries, and garden centers, with myriad offerings of plants, pots, seeds, and know-how. Whether you're looking for sustenance to grow in your garden, flora to pretty up the flower beds, or a way to combat the grass burrs and their weedy counterparts, these companies in the Big Country are in the business of helping green the scene of Abilene.

Before making a trip to the nursery, here are some basic ways to prep your yard for summer growth:


Clearing out old leaves and such allows fresh air and sunlight to work it's natural magic on plants.


Trimming the grass regularly encourages healthy growth.


Look for grass seed appropriate to Texas climate and distribute on bare patches in the yard.


If you want a green lawn, you'll have to let it drink.

For further direction on yard and garden maintenance or simply to peruse and ogle some pretty plants, visit these local nurseries: Baack's Flowers & More, Mankin & Sons Gardens, Willow Creek Gardens, Philpott Florist & Greenhouses, Garden World, Down to Earth Nursery, Culpepper Creek Farm, Abilene Ag Services, and Bonnie Plants. Click on the links below for websites.

Check into Kountry Greenhouse and Ra Roots as well. The garden departments at Lowe's, Home Depot, and Walmart are always an option too.

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Greenhouses and Plant Nurseries in Abilene Texas

Where to buy garden and lawn supplies in the Big Country.

Gallery Credit: Jana Keyes