We're not sure what excites us more about this new 'Homefront' trailer. Is it James Franco playing a lunatic meth dealer with a crazy Southern accent? Or is it the thought of his violent redneck character engaging in a life or death struggle with the eternally angry Jason Statham? In any case, 'Homefront' looks more like an '80s movie you'd find tucked away at a lonely mom and pop video store than a modern film production, which means we couldn't be more excited for it, whether it be good or bad.

'Homefront' looks like more of the same for Statham, who's doing that Arnold Schwarzenegger "I May Have A Foreign Accent But I Am All-American, Trust Me" thing. Once again, he plays a surly badass who gets on the wrong side of a criminal element, who in turn underestimate his ability to kick all of their asses. Franco is the wacky/scary criminal who pushes him too far, threatening his family and unlocking additional Statham violence.

The 'Homefront' trailer features plenty of blood and action, but the most exciting thing is a flashback where Statham has long hair and looks like the frontman for a lousy Grunge band. It has everything, even a script by the great Sylvester Stallone (who would have starred in it 30 years ago), which promises an extra ton of testosterone and gore-soaked mayhem.

'Homefront' opens on November 27, or, as fans of Statham, Franco and Stallone call it, early Christmas.

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