Is it me or are gas prices going back up here in Abilene? I was just out getting my camouflaged Dodge diesel 3/4-ton truck refueled, only to discover that diesel fuel prices are up to nearly $3 dollars. I drove from Sam's Club on the southside of town to United Supermarket on Ambler Ave looking for a good deal.

Here's How I Got $1.00 Off Per Gallon On Fuel

Frustrated, I mentioned to my wife that I needed to find a "good deal" on fuel for my truck because it's got a 40-gallon tank and at $3 bucks a gallon that's $120.00. She reminded me that she's got this rewards thing with United Market Street and she can get as much as a dollar off per gallon up to 25 gallons. Thank God for smart wives.

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Here's Where You Can Go To Look Up The Best Fuel Prices

The fact still remains though, gasoline prices seem to be rising again. If I'm not mistaken the prices are changing like every three to four days. Here's how we can all, keep up with the best price on fuel. I found this website called Gas Buddy and it will show you the price of fuel for anywhere in the United States.

Just put in your location, whether it's state, city, or zip code it will give you a list of the gas prices in your area. I now know where to go to get a 'good deal' on gas or diesel and I too can submit the price I paid on the website and maybe help others looking for a lower price.

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