We already know gas prices are climbing precipitously high, but you don’t usually see them change right before your very eyes. For one news reporter, though, that’s exactly what happened.

On Wednesday night, ABC News correspondent Cecilia Vega was at a Los Angeles gas station doing a live remote about rising fuel prices, and while she was talking to anchor Diane Sawyer, the price for a gallon of gas went up 10 cents.

“It was $4.99,” Vega told Sawyer. “Now, it’s $5.09 for a gallon of regular gas … [It went up] 10 cents during that two minutes while we were on the air.”

“Don’t blink at the gas station, Cecilia!” Sawyer shot back.

So if you’re upset that it costs so much more these days to fill up your tank, now you have someone to blame: Cecilia Vega.

Watch the story below.

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