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Last week my wife and I began looking for a new vehicle for her. She, on the one hand, is in love with her 2005 Toyota Highlander and doesn't think she needs one. However, it's got over 150,000 miles on it and I believe she needs a new vehicle.

So the discussion began as to what vehicle we will consider, since there are so many choices, we have to make the right decision. Plus, with so many car lots short on inventory we're even considering buying a used vehicle. So, I started doing research to find the best and most popular vehicles in Texas.

While I love my three-quarter-ton Dodge diesel, I recommended she get a truck because the number one most sought-after vehicle in Texas is the Ford F-150 new or used. She said no to my truck idea. Then I started looking for SUVs and low and behold we Texans love all kinds of SUVs from compact to full-size.

The website revealed that Carvana released its list of the Top-5 Most Popular Used Vehicles in Texas. Then, earlier this year, also released its research findings on the Most Popular New Cars in Every State.

The surveys also separated the vehicles from compact SUVs to mid-size SUVs, the most reliable vehicles, down to the most popular colors. Okay, here goes:

The Texas Top 5 Used Vehicles in High Demand:

  • No. 5 – Ford Fusion gets excellent fuel economy
  • No. 4 – Nissan Altima is a fuel-efficient midsize car
  • No. 3 – Nissan Rogue can come with high-tech driver assistance
  • No. 2 – Toyota Camry comes standard with a long list of safety features
  • No. 1 – Ford F-150 is said to be comfortable on-road as well as off-road
    Source: Carvana/YourTestDriver

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The Most Popular New Cars in Texas as revealed by are:

  • New Truck category - Ford F150
  • New SUV category - Honda CR-V
  • New Sedan category - Toyota Camry
  • Longest Lasting category -  Toyota Land Cruiser over 200k miles
  • Top 5 Most Popular Colors - White, Black, Gray-Silver, Red, Blue

So, if you're thinking of getting a new or used vehicle, the above-mentioned are some things to consider. Finally, are there more trucks or cars in Texas? The answer is that there are 68% cars and SUVs while only 26% are pickup trucks.

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